Healing Herbal Garden

Alice Paterson, with the help of a few friends, is creating a herb garden in the North west corner of the Walled Peace Garden.


There will be an emphasis on the healing power and medicinal qualities of herbs.

Work started on 4th May 2021,clearing out the

overgrown beds and planters


Lots of work done in the first few days.

Bob and Alice cleared out what will become  Paisley pattern teardrop beds with Scottish heather planted in the edges and herbs amongst rocks in the central area. One of the beds already has a rose in the centre which Alice will keep there as the rose is an  important part of the Paisley pattern design. There will also be foxgloves in that bed as roses and foxgloves are planting companions. Foxgloves are highly toxic and are also known in Scotland as Witches Gloves, and there’s another Paisley connection! https://www.paisley.org.uk/paisley-history/witches/

Alice’s herb garden will also reference the famous Paisley Cotton mills, an industry which was founded by Christian Shaw, who as a child. was the instigator of the Witch hunt.

One of the wooden planters will contain Mediterranean herbs The Mediterranean plants need plenty of sunshine drier gritty soil. another planter will contain culinary herbs, which are bit more hardy and tolerant  of the good old Scottish weather.

Bob celaring the paisley teardrop bed