Welcoming Barshaw

In Spring 2020, we applied to the Renfrewshire Council Local Partnership fund for a grant for our Welcoming Barshaw project.

A lot of new housing has been built in the area and we wanted to welcome new residents to the Park, and to let them know what activities and events are available, and to gain their support for our charity.

Part of the plan was to provide workshops in our Walled Garden for families to build bird houses and Bird Feeders. However, the pandemic and lockdown meant we had to change our plans.

So instead we created kits to build birdhouses and invited local people to apply and our volunteers delivered 200 kits and birdhouses locally. We included an RSPB chart to identify birds, so that children could learn about the birds which visit their garden and Barshaw Park, The pack also included tips on bird food and providing nesting materials.

We asked participants to keep us up to date with progress on building their birdhouses and on their avian visitors.

Those who engage with the project and keep us up to date, will receive bird feeder kits for their gardens.

We have had  lovely photographs and stories.

Paisley Abbey Scouts decorated a batch of our ceramic birdhouses and they are now in place at Braemount Nursing Home, where the residents are watching for birds taking up residence.