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Yacht Races for Naval Architecture Students

S70 Yachts - Students 31-03-2016

On Thursday 31st March 2016, Paisley Model Yacht Club hosted a series of informal races for students of Naval Architecture from the University of Strathclyde. The students had designed and built small radio-controlled yachts of the ‘Strathclyde 70’ Class as part of their studies, with guidance from David Smith, Secretary of Paisley Model Yacht Club.

The formal work of the class had ended with a series of races in the University’s Testing Tank in Maryhill but some of the students took advantage of the offer of a chance to try out their yachts in the more realistic conditions of Barshaw Park. Fifteen students came out with five yachts and enjoyed great conditions of sunshine and a fair wind.

Some of the yachts needed a little remedial work to keep sailing on the open waters of the pond but any gaps were filled by three yachts of the class brought along by Mr Smith. During the afternoon further assistance was provided by Robert Rooney, Commodore of Paisley Model Yacht Club, and a member of the Committee of the Friends of Barshaw Park.

No final results were recorded but everyone went home happy after a good afternoon’s sailing.

Students from the University of Strathclyde first brought Strathclyde 70 yachts to Barshaw Park in 2000. Unfortunately the weather was against them that time with strong winds, no sun and snow and hail lashing across the pond. All the yachts were launched and sailed individually around the pond but the conditions were unfit for serious racing.

The students returned after their exams were finished and eventually had a successful day’s racing. This was the start of the connection between Paisley Model Yacht Club and the Naval Architects at Strathclyde University which has brought students racing their yachts on more than a dozen occasions since 2000 and brought school children from across Scotland to race the same class of yacht on six occasions between 2000 and 2006.

S70 Yachts 31-03-2016

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